per-user dbus

Stef Walter stef-list at
Fri Nov 13 17:06:30 PST 2009

Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Wed, 11.11.09 09:34, Stef Walter (stef-list at wrote:
>> For example, we're now finalizing the DBus Secret Service API (which
>> gnome-keyring will use in the future). It's being implemented on the
>> session bus. To later move it to another (new) bus would be a
>> significant API break, wouldn't it?
>> It seems this would be the case for many other deployed DBus APIs.
> Here, too a soft upgrade path could be to offer the interfaces on both
> busses for a while.
> But yes, moving things from one bus to the other is definitely API
> breakage, though a very simple one to fix...

That's true. And I can see major benefits to a per-user bus for keyring

Just today, something related came up in our discussion: About how to
provide secrets access for apps in SSH sessions.



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