How pass QDBusObjectPath as argument in remote method call

Nirav Rabara Nirav.Rabara at
Thu Nov 26 04:29:39 PST 2009



I am using Qt binding to call remote method, but following line of code give
error while compiling.( I have attached code with this mail)


QDBusConnection conn = QDBusConnection::systemBus();

int main(int argc, char **argv)


    QCoreApplication app(argc, argv);

    QDBusInterface interface("org.bluez", "/org/bluez/806/hci0",
"org.bluez.Adapter" , conn,0);


   qDebug() << "Isvalid - "<< interface.isValid();


   QDBusObjectPath removeDevPath;


   // Shows error here

   removeDevPath.setPath = ("/org/bluez/806/hci0/dev_00_1C_EF_44_D6_1D");

"RemoveDevie", removeDevPath);






error: QString is an inaccessible base of 'QDBusObjectPath'.


Please can any body suggest me how to send QDBusObjectPath as argument in
remote method call.


Your suggestion would be a great help for me.


With Regards,




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