dbus-monitor and awk

spitfire23bc spitfire23bc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 16:35:35 PDT 2009

Hi all, I'm trying to write a bash script that will listen for specific
events on dbus and run commands depending on those events. I've been using
this script (from  http://fpmurphy.blogspot.com/2009/02/dbus-monitor.html
http://fpmurphy.blogspot.com/2009/02/dbus-monitor.html ) as a template:



    WATCH1="type='signal', sender=${OJECT}, interface=${IFACE},
path=${DPATH}, member='NoteAdded'"
    WATCH2="type='signal', sender=${OJECT}, interface=${IFACE},
path=${DPATH}, member='NoteSaved'"
    WATCH3="type='signal', sender=${OJECT}, interface=${IFACE},
path=${DPATH}, member='NoteDeleted'"

    dbus-monitor "${WATCH1}" "${WATCH2}" "${WATCH3}" | \
    awk '
    /member=NoteAdded/ { getline; print "Created note " substr($2,7) }
    /member=NoteSaved/ { getline; print "Added note " substr($2,7) }
    /member=NoteDeleted/ { getline; print "Deleted note " substr($2,7) }

On the author's Fedora 10 system, this gives an output whenever a Tomboy
note is created, saved or deleted. On Ubuntu 8.10, it gives no output.

dbus-monitor is working correctly: 

    dbus-monitor "${WATCH1}" "${WATCH2}" "${WATCH3}"

works fine; it is the pipe to the awk command that kills any kind of output. 

When the output from the dbus-monitor command is saved to a file and the
same awk command run on that file, it gives the expected output.

Is there a way to get awk to run commands whilst dbus-monitor is still
going, as is the purpose of this script?
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