dbus-python on win32 for python 2.6

Jens Nie JNie at RosenInspection.net
Mon Sep 21 08:28:05 PDT 2009

Hi everyone.

I am currently interested in integrating dbus capabilities in my python applications in order to allow them controlling other dbus enabled applications. The way back shall also be implemented. So my applications should offer their functionality as well on a session bus. This worked on linux like a charm, as opensuse shipped all necessary packages. I had also been able to control a .net application running on windows which offered itself on a tcp enabled windows session-daemon using a little python test application on linux over the net. However my primary target platform is windows, so I need to get the necessary packages ready for the win32 platform. At first glance I expected to have PyQt4 do the job as dbus is part of the current qt4.x implementations. However wrapping of the dbus functionality has been dropped for whatever reason, so there is no dbus functionality available for windows from the PyQt4 side.

I'm not really sure on how to proceed now. Maybe someone can point me the way here? I have found strategies to simply use precompiled versions of the dbus wrapper for python from one torrent package for windows together with a part of the sources from dbus-python itself and precompiled windbus dlls. However this seems to be valid for python 2.5 only. Any try to use this strategy with python 2.6 fails at importing dbus modules.

So has anyone managed to compile - and/or package maybe - all needed dbus-python stuff for python2.6 or is there a tutorial on how to get this working? I have a current MSYS Installation around, so I would be able to compile everything using a MINGW Compiler. Visual Studio might however been in reachable distance for me as well.

Hope there is some guidance possible


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