Running g_main_loop_run() inside a applications while(1) function.

Mukesh Savaliya Mukesh.Savaliya at
Mon Aug 9 01:41:26 PDT 2010

Hello dbus,


   I am entered into a trouble. My application cant run g_main_loop_run()
inside a while(1) function, which is polling  other functionality.


Can some one please tell me, how can I run g_main_loop_run() inside a
while(1){ } function of applications main() function. It gets blocked when 

It reaches to g_main_loop_run(). Actually I am calling other functions
inside while(1). I do also need to tackle the Qt applications events,which I

Write in a Queue. So I am also polling this queue.


 So,here I can either read the queue(in this case Qt events/signals are not
getting handled with dbus-glib application),or only write the events in

(in this case is must run inside g_main_loop() to get the events,so
while(1?) cant be run).



Please reply me ASAP.


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