working of g_main_loop_run() and GThread on different platform.

Mukesh Savaliya Mukesh.Savaliya at
Wed Aug 18 01:55:27 PDT 2010




   I am confused about the working of g_main_loop_run(). I  have two
applications talking with each other using Dbus.

One uses Glib and another uses Qt. When Qt sends a signal using dbus, the
GCallBack function attached with the

Qt signal, is not getting invoked.


 Qt application is running very Nicely, but Glib application is not
receiving the events like this(Signal). I am doubting on

G_main_loop_run() which is running inside  GThread. Is there any particular
things in dbus or glib, which prevents

the remote events invoking the callback function of Glib?


This case runs very nicely on PC , but is not running on  ARM. I hope to get
useful reply, as I have no clue, my work is



With Regards,

Mukesh Savaliya.

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