Howto determine the dbus session address??

Havoc Pennington hp at
Wed Aug 18 06:18:09 PDT 2010


Rui is right that dbus was designed to handle system events as:
 - notification on system bus (or via other system mechanism)
 - something in user's session listening on system bus detects this
and does whatever (possibly using the session bus)

And this is how things generally work in a typical Linux install; the
system is never broadcasting to all session buses, as far as I know.
Instead stuff in the user sessions monitors the system.

It doesn't mean your approach isn't a possible design, just that it
isn't the actual design. As a result, the infrastructure is not in
place for that. You could imagine patching the session bus code to
connect to the system bus and register, so you could then get a list
of session buses, for example. But this has not been done so would
have to be done.

if you don't want to go hacking on dbus or other system software, the
path of least resistance for sure would be to work with the way things
are currently designed.

In short there is not a way right now to get session bus addresses
from outside the session. (Other than gross hacks of some kind.)


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