About using dbus on arm Platform

ying.cheng ying.cheng at sseec.com.cn
Sun Aug 22 22:09:34 PDT 2010

Thanks for reading my email!

1. I could use the dbus-msvc-1.2.4 in windows XP(VS2008/Qt4.6.2) and in ubuntu(qt4.6.2).

2. now I run car&controller on the arm platform,the controller always show "disconnect". i have make sure that the "./dbus-daemon --config-file=session.conf" and the car are running.
  i have made some attempt:

  A: I download the cross-compiled dbus-daemon and session.conf  to the arm-board. Then I could run the "./dbus-daemon --config-file=session.conf" command in the Super terminal, and the command is in the ps list.

  B: I download the cross-compiled dbus-launch to the arm-board and add relative content to the arm file system. I could run the "./dbus-launch" and "./dbus-launch --auto-syntax" in the Super terminal too.

  But even if i could find these commmands in the ps list, the controller still show "disconnect".

please tell me what should i do in order to use dbus on the arm Platform. Maybe the file system should be modified and should include something?

Thanks very much for any advice!

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