Running g_main_loop_quit() inside a thread ?

Mukesh Savaliya Mukesh.Savaliya at
Wed Aug 25 22:01:18 PDT 2010




  I have written simple application using glib and dbus which talks with the
Qt application. I am also binding the signal sent by Qt application, with
the Gcallbacks of this application. So that when ever Qt sends any signal, I
can take respective action inside callback function invoked. But, for this I
need to run g_main_loop_run () inside main(), and g_main_loop_quit() inside
separate thread at 10 msec interval .


 This is needed only when I run this application on ARM Board, but when I
load this application on PC, I don't need to run the g_main_loop_quit ().
And complete application runs very nicely on PC. What can be the issue? 


 I am not getting who is running g_main_loop_quit () on PC? Your reply will
help me a lot.

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