How to chek the presence of an object on dbus

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at
Mon Aug 30 22:32:07 PDT 2010

Le mardi 31 août 2010, tomw a écrit :
> I was wondering how to check the presence of an object on the dbus
> the most elegant way. Of course, one could create a proxy object on
> the path and call the Introspect method. If this returns proper
> introspect data the object is available. However, are there any
> better ways?

Objects are not present "on the bus". They are instantiated in ways 
specific to DBus client process, or at least its DBus implementation.

Not all DBus clients implement introspection. And even when they do 
implement it (correctly), there is no race-free nor poll-free way to be 
notified of objects tree changes.

In my opinion, the most "elegant" way to check that an object exists is 
to query it. This is interface-specific, but you should know what you 
are talking with anyway.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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