Concurrent dbus issues...

Daniel Melfi dmelfi at
Thu Jul 8 19:11:45 PDT 2010

(please excuse if this is the incorrect mailing list)

I'm developing a small utility for work that will take advantage of dbus 
for some *very* simple inter-process communication.
All I need to do is send a request for a list of items, and receive a 
signal (intermittently).
I seem to be having a concurrency issue since i'm calling 
dbus_connection_read_write on a worker thread and calling 
dbus_connection_send_with_reply on another and am getting errors at 
various points in the code.

Basically, what I've done (almost verbatim) is copy the sample code from and move the signal 
handler into a worker thread.

Does anyone have advice/tips on how to track down my issue? Also, I've 
tried calling read_write_dispatch but it hasn't helped either.

Thanks in advance,

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