register object path + introspection

Sander Jansen s.jansen at
Thu Jul 15 09:23:05 PDT 2010

If I register an object path "/org/fifthplanet/gogglesmm" then
introspection is automatically provided for /, /org and
/org/fifthplanet and I only have to provide the introspection xml  for

If register a second object path "/StatusNotifierItem" then everything
still works as expected: The automatic introspection for '/' both will
list /org and /StatusNotifierItem.

So my problems appear when trying to implement the MPRIS standard
( It requires you to provide methods on
the root path "/". So when I register the object path "/", my
automatic introspection for the other two paths
(/org/fifthplanet/gogglesmm && /StatusNotifierItem) get broken. I can
easily fix this by providing
<node name="StatusNotifierItem"/> and <node name="org"/> to my
introspection data, but it would require the mpris object in my
application to know about all the other objects my application
provides. And the whole idea is that it shouldn't have to know.

Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Does the dbus library provide
a way to list all registered objects (within the app)?



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