Introducing the concept of 'DBus domains'

Kybernetik Kollektiv kybernetikkollektiv at
Fri Jul 16 01:36:13 PDT 2010

Alban, thank you very much for your explications!

So I misunderstood the DBus specification completely at this. :-(
I read the following:

> Unique connection names must begin with the character ':' (ASCII colon character);
> bus names that are not unique names must not begin with this character. (The bus
> must reject any attempt by an application to manually request a name beginning
> with ':'.) This restriction categorically prevents "spoofing"; messages sent to a
> unique name will always go to the expected connection.

... and I thought that receiving all messages was not possible.

You wrote:

> An application can have several connections (several sockets) to the
> bus. Each connection will have one unique name and can request several
> well-known names.

I assumed one could not do this, because the DBus specification uses
'applications' synonymous for 'connection endpoint' or at least this
is how I interpreted it. Right now I searched the specification for
the word 'application' and found this hint in the glossary:

> The message bus maintains an association between names and connections.
> (Normally, there's one connection per application.)

Should have read the glossary before. :-/

I had a look at your blog and dbus-daemon-proxy and I am impressed. I
will evalute dbus-daemon-proxy.

Thank you everyone for your help! I highly appreciate it!


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