sending authentication data over the bus

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Great! Will it be open sourced? 

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On Thursday 29. July 2010 12.36.13 Rodrigo Moya wrote:
> Hi
> I am working on an authentication service which, right now, is fired 
> by apps requiring the authentication. This service retrieves the 
> tokens for the user (OAuth tokens) and stores them in the GNOME 
> keyring, and then signals the application making the call so that it 
> can retrieve the tokens from the keyring.
> We were wondering if sending the tokens over the bus, to avoid having 
> apps having to read the keyring, would be secure. So, is it? Can 
> external apps (running as a different user on the same system) listen 
> to the plain text communication over the bus?

Different users cannot connect to the session bus.

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