Java DBus Namespace problem.

Arigead captain.deadly at
Mon Mar 1 09:12:57 PST 2010

Hello all,
    I've got a wee problem with Java DBus code I'm trying to write to
use the org.navit_project.navit interfaces. My problem is that there are
methods in the interface org.navit_project.navit and in the interface

I've got an Interface file for the upper Interface:

package org.navit_project;

public interface navit extends DBusInterface
    public Path callback_attr_new(String signalname, String attribute);

But if I do the same thing again for org.navit_project.navit.navit:

package org.navit_project.navit;

public interface navit extends DBusInterface
    public String method(String attribute);

It'll cause namespace conflicts in the Java namespace? That's a question
as I'm not an expert in Java but I would have thought that this would
cause some confusion in the code which calls methods from both namespaces.

import org.navit_project.navit
import org.navit_project.navit.navit

navit myNavit;

/* Set up myNavit then make a call */
myNavit.callback_attr_new("today", "tomorrow");

Maybe it's me that's confused and the Java compiler and JVM would have
no problem with this.

As a Java novice would creating two classes and having one class import
one Interface and the other class import the other. Maybe I've just
answered my own question. I'll try that out maybe that'll do

Cheers if anybody has any other advice though.

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