more comfortable approach for exporting dbus functions on windows

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Mon Mar 8 04:59:13 PST 2010

Ralf Habacker schrieb:
>>> The appended patch adds such support for the public dbus api 
>>> functions. The
>>> internal symbols could be adressed in further patches.
>> What change would need to be made to the internal symbols?
> to be clear - i used the term internal for dbus internal functions 
> indicated by the _dbus prefix, which are also exported from dbus-1 
> shared library.
> Symbols which are not exported do not need any decoration on windows, 
> because this is the default. if gcc on unix has a switch to set the 
> default symbol visibility to 'hidden', than there is also no 
> decoration required for this case. Otherwise the above mentioned 
> DBUS_NO_EXPORT could be used for this case.
> To export the dbus internal functions the following steps are required:
> 1. add DBUS_EXPORT to  _dbus_... function
> 2. remove related symbolnames from
> When all symbols are decorated the .def file creation and usage could 
> be removed in the autotools and cmake build system.
Appended is a related patch - it removes def file usage for the cmake 
buildsystem too - please review


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