marchalling struct on window.

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Tue Mar 16 09:17:08 PDT 2010

Ok thank you.
This gave me some light about where to read next. To save you time, I
will try to read the bindings part on my own, and then come back if I have
questions (I will come back). 

Thank you.

On Tue Mar 16,2010 05:04 pm, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Ter?a-feira 16 Mar?o 2010, ?s 15:42:28, Mansour Al Akeel escreveu:
> > > I could tell you how to do it with the reference library implementation,
> > > but  that library is not designed for end-application use. It's designed
> > > for binding writing.
> > 
> > Ok, it's obivious that I have misunderstanding about the binding. Like I
> > said, converting a group of premitive data (C++ object, C struct), into
> > a format for the wire. The mapping between these data is what you mean
> > by binding. 
> > Let's say we have a C struct taken form wikipedia:
> > 
> > struct account {
> >     int account_number;
> >     char *first_name;
> >     char *last_name;
> >     float balance;
> > };
> > 
> > 
> > How would one convert this to be consumed by dbus, and how to send it as
> > a signal for interested components ? I was not able to
> > find a simple example like this one. I will look into converting it back
> > to C# on the other side.
> I still need you to tell me which binding you're using.
> I guess the confusion here is that you're not well versed in what a binding 
> is.
> D-Bus exists as a protocol specification (the wire format), a reference library 
> implementation and a reference bus daemon, which are deployed in all current 
> Linux distributions, and bindings.
> The name "binding" comes from the fact that the first of these simply took the 
> reference library (libdbus-1) and bound its functionality to a higher-level 
> abstraction, especially integrating with the event loop. The most common cases 
> of this are the Glib, Python and Qt bindings. Once you're using one of those, 
> most of the work is already done for you.
> Then there are those "bindings" that aren't binding anything. They are pure 
> implementations of the D-Bus protocol directly in the environment of choice. 
> The two I can think of are the Java and C# bindings and they also provide 
> ready-to-use implementations of D-Bus.
> So, when I ask you which binding you're using, I want you to tell me which of 
> those five I listed above or one of the many others you're using. Are you using 
> Matthew's Java implementation, NDesk's C# implementation, the glib binding, 
> the Python binding, the Qt binding?
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