Why no autoreconf in dbus debian/rules?

Markku Savela msa at moth.iki.fi
Tue Mar 23 04:37:24 PDT 2010

The dbus debianized source seem to trust on upstream generated
configure.in and other files.

I've to compile dbus with different configuration and would need to
run autoreconf. It is chicken-and-egg problem, if I try to provide a
patch to rules for automatic autoreconf, it really won't play nice
with the usual quilt and debian/patches building system (can't
remember exact reason, but just couldn't get it to work).

Having autoreconf in rules, would make life easier (and make
unnecessary for distros to patch the generated files, for example
Ubuntu karmic appears to patch the Makefile.in files) in their dbus...

So, could debianized source (maybe others) be changed to run
"autoreconf -a -f -s" in dpkg-buildpackage or something?

Markku Savela

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