dbus 1.2.24

Colin Walters walters at verbum.org
Tue Mar 23 12:55:47 PDT 2010

A new release of dbus is available.


The focus of the 1.2 stream remains mainly reliability fixes, while
win32 (and Windows CE now, scary!) porting and feature work is on 1.3,
scheduled for 1.4 stable.

This release notably fixes a critical crasher bug in the syslog code
in dbus-1.2.22.  If you want *just* that fix, you can cherrypick

Colin Walters (7):
      Post-release version bump
      [bus] While creating a syslog, correctly get pointer data from DBusString
      Add DBUS_GNUC_PRINTF checks to new formatting functions
      Add DBUS_INT64_MODIFIER define, turn on -Wformat
      [64 bit printf] Update to use DBUS_PID_FORMAT, print (omitted)
      [bus] Don't install a SIGTERM handler
      Release 1.2.24

Will Thompson (2):
      Move dispatching to destination to bus_dispatch_matches()
      Dispatch post-activation messages to anyone interested

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