Fix non-verbose build

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Tue May 4 02:03:25 PDT 2010

Fridrich Strba schrieb:
> Attached fixes the non-verbose build by using _dbus_verbose instead of
> _dbus_verbose_real directly
thanks for this pointer. I used _dbus_verbose_real  instead of 
_dbus_verbose because i did not want to print the file name and line 

There seems still an area which requires some thinking about how to 
solve:  _dbus_system_logv  is used by bus_context_log  for system 
logging. On unix the default system logger will be used, on windows what 
should be used ? 

There come OutputDebugString into my mind., which is easy to implement 
and could used for a first implementation.

Another solution may be to use windows event logging documented in  - but 
this needs definitly more work.

Any comments ?


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