Problems with D-Bus in Java

Matthew Johnson dbus at
Thu May 6 03:19:42 PDT 2010

On Wed May 05 17:02, Íñigo González wrote:
> But in java I am not able to access to that object. This is the code:
> DBusConnection conn =
> DBusConnection.getConnection(DBusConnection.SESSION);
> if (interf.isRemote())
> 	conn.callMethodAsync(interf, "deleteAgent");

You're missing some code here, for example, how you get interf and what type it
is. What happens if you call interf.deleteAgent() ?

> When it tries to call the deleteAgent method it returns this error: 
> org.freedesktop.dbus.exceptions.DBusExecutionException:
> $Proxy2.deleteAgent()
> 	at org.freedesktop.dbus.AbstractConnection.callMethodAsync(Unknown
> Source)

Is that really the only error? There should normally be some sort of message
with the error.

D-Bus Java
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