Windows CE port status (patches!)

Marcus Brinkmann marcus.brinkmann at
Thu May 6 17:29:06 PDT 2010


there are three patches that fix bugs in the Windows CE port that have been
exposed through other changes in dbus since the Windows CE port has been merged.

The patches are attached to bug report #27110

they are:

Move definition of _WIN32_WCE to

Fix GetModuleFileNameA and RegQueryValueExA

Fix infinite recursion on Windows CE.

The first patch defines _WIN32_WCE for autoconf based builds (cmake builds are
fine already).  The other two patches fix critical bugs in the windows CE port
that have been found recently due to more testing.

With these 3 patches, we can cross-build and test dbus for Windows CE in the
following configurations:

* autoconf/cegcc (on Ubuntu 10.04 as build system)
* cmake/MSVC (on Windows, uhm Vista I think)

Please consider these patches for application to dbus master.


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