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Fri May 7 11:12:04 PDT 2010

On Fri, 07.05.10 14:03, David Zeuthen (zeuthen at wrote:

> > Hmm, could we extend the spec a little and say that a PropertiesChanged
> > signal with an empty dict means "some property changed"? I know quite a
> > few projects which have something like this (and for a reason, since the
> > property data is big and more often not read than it is read), including
> > some of my own. This minor extension to your suggestion would allow me
> > to follow your spec without a headache of sending more data over the bus
> > than necessary.
> First, I would strongly suggest that you only do this after carefully
> measuring whether performance really is an issue. Because... the world
> is just a better place if it's very easy to create a proxy that
> properly tracks a remote object without having to add specific code to
> handle properties.

Well, in some cases things are quite obvious, i.e. for props with
several K in size that change frequently.

> Second, your concerns are of course valid. Attached is revised spec
> patch that allows this. Please review. Thanks!

Thank you very much!

I am all for this spec now!


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