can send two out parameters as dbus method return

Nuwan Rajitha Gunarathne nuwanr at
Wed May 12 04:18:31 PDT 2010

I tried to return GPtrArray and gchar as a method return.
but it return errors in server side.

First I want to know is this ok to create the xml as follows?

                <method name="ProxyAdminSearch">
                        <arg type="s" name="pas" direction ="in"/>
                        <arg type="i" name="offset_in" direction ="in"/>
                        <arg type="a(ssuu)" name="pas" direction
                        <arg type="s" name="offset_out" direction ="out"/>

the error return is
GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_value_copy: assertion `G_IS_VALUE (src_value)'

Please can anybody help me to overcome to this?
I am sory If I have insufficient information. But I thought this is enough
for my initial question.
So if u want any more information about the program please let me know.

Nuwan Gunarathna
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