D-Bus User Bus

Havoc Pennington hp at pobox.com
Wed May 19 20:00:05 PDT 2010


On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 10:53 PM, Lennart Poettering <mzqohf at 0pointer.de> wrote:
> Well, I don't follow that argument. I'd say the current per-session
> design does *not* in fact cover anything but the
> one-session-per-user-on-one-machine case.

I'm not saying it covers it - I'm saying it makes you deal with it in
some other way. The system bus, files in the homedir, etc. are
examples of other ways.

> I think you should widen the focus here: there are probably more
> per-machine background services than per-$HOME background services
> around. I can list you more services like rygel, pa, gnome-user-share,
> gnome-bluetooth, yadda yadda, that are inherently per-machine than you
> can list me services like gconfd that are really per-$HOME. Want to play
> that game with me?

I would say what about apps as opposed to background services. i.e.
any program that connects to the display *and* the bus.


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