dbus-daemon SIGSEGV on OSX

Pablo Martí Gamboa pmarti at warp.es
Thu May 20 07:32:47 PDT 2010

Hi all,

I've compiled dbus 1.2.24 on OSX (No MacPorts/Fink) and I'm experiencing the
attached SIGSEGV from time to time (just 5 so far in the last week)

I still don't know how to reproduce it and adding a _dbus_warn debug call
just moves the SIGSEGV's to the vprintf used under the hood in _dbus_warn.

Is this known? Should I file a bug for it? Any recommendations to provide
you with more helpful info?

This is the relevant part of the code

# bus/dir-watch-kqueue.c

  for (i = 0; new_dirs[i]; i++)
      for (j = 0; i < num_fds; j++)
          if (dirs[j] && strcmp (new_dirs[i], dirs[j]) == 0)

Best regards,

Pablo Martí
python -c "print '706d617267616d40676d61696c2e636f6d'.decode('hex')"
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