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Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Sat May 22 12:16:01 PDT 2010

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> On Sun, 16.05.10 23:53, Rémi Denis-Courmont (remi at remlab.net) wrote:
> > > - generally, we should emphasize sharing of data between sessions of the
> > >    the same user. Ideally we'd even allow copy/paste between them.
> >
> > I would disagree with that. If I open a video file in one session, I don't
> > want it played in an existing instance of a media player in another session.
> > Same goes for cut&paste.
> Really. You think it would suck if you could login via ssh and copy
> something from that terminal to your UI session on the same machine?

My X11 terminal application handles cut&paste fine already, thanks.

If I open two sessions, I do think of them as separate. In fact, in most case, they will use physically distinct terminals. I certainly expect cut&paste network transparency (within an X session), and not transparency across terminals. Anyway, this totally obvious for things like download management, media playback, screensaver, PIM, IM, system tray... Which is mostly what sits on my session bus today. IOW, replacing that with a user bus will invent bugs and design limitations that do not exist today.

> > > - it is a simple fact that currently only a handful of gnome
> > >    applications can safely be run on multiple graphical logins in
> > >    parallel. IIRC kde's session manager actviely disallows multiple logins
> > >    by the same user. Instead of miserably failing Gnome apps should be
> > >    more explicit about this, too i guess.
> >
> > Fix broken apps, or at least have them handle error casess properly.
> Oh, you are so young!

Ohoh. I wish I were. I use KDE and a bunch of agnostic apps, dealing with this correctly. You ae suggesting to break that because _your_ apps do not work properly.

It is as if I were to suggest that PulseAudio be dropped because some apps do not cope with it.


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