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On Wednesday, 10 de November de 2010 01:00:10 David Zeuthen wrote:
> For the record, I disagree with you. As does a lot of other
> maintainers of current desktop infrastructure, daemons and libraries.
> Because we've tried it and it just doesn't work. I guess we're just
> being honest about it with this new D-Bus user bus.
> Anyway, all that is unimportant. Because, here's the thing: If you
> really want to create your own desktop environment supporting multiple
> simultaneous graphical logins, then, hey, feel free to do so - no-one
> is stopping you or taking anything away from you. But if you expect
> GNOME or KDE or whatever [1] to support this, then, hey, talk to those
> projects - don't complain on a list for an IPC library and message bus
> system.

For the record, KDE hasn't decided that multiple logins are wrong. In fact, 
they work and kdm does not block you from logging in. So I posted to kde-core-
devel to check whether this is intentional and it is a use-case that KDE wants 
to actively support, or whether it's just accidental and legacy because no one 
thought of the consequences.

However, what happens if KDE decides that this is supported? 

I'll probably ask that the session bus be left as it is: continues to get 
started, no repurposing, no deprecation warnings.

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