DBus and epoll

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Mon Oct 25 05:46:55 PDT 2010

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> > Yes, I meant the dbus-daemon. When it is serving the session or the
> > system bus it can have quite a lot of file descriptors to poll.
> As a session daemon too.
> Note that there's still a problem that it cannot handle more than 512
> simultaneous clients. So maybe switching the daemon's own loop to epoll
> would be beneficial.
> Anttu, do you have any numbers to show to us?

Well, not really. I just checked my traces and they show that generally dbus-daemon seems to spend most of its time in _dbus_poll() and the time increases with the number of file descriptors.

I can of course try to measure different things if needed for something.

And I haven't tried changing to epoll(). The code looks a bit too complex for a quick hack.


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