Clarification on some bus behaviour

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Em Quarta-feira 08 Setembro 2010, às 13:12:58, Will Thompson escreveu:
> On 08/09/10 10:56, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > 1) Is the application allowed to assume that the bus will send all
> > messages that have this connection as a destination, without having to
> > add a match rule for it? In other words, can I drop that first add_match
> > above?
> > 
> > I would think that the answer here is Yes. This rule should be implicit.
> I agree. I think it already is implicit from
> <>,
> but maybe only from the Ping example given there. I've attached a patch
> making it explicit.

Thank you. I'd say apply the patch.

> I'm probably missing something, but I don't really see why you need to
> know who owns that bus name, if it's never going to change.

Knowing that it's never going to change is already an improvement, since I 
don't need to check whether it changed.

However, I still need to know the current owner.

> I guess you need to verify that incoming messages from the daemon really
> are from the daemon; but if so, I think it would be better for everyone
> if we mandated the reference implementation's behaviour.

I don't need to verify that incoming messages from the daemon are from the 
daemon. I need a way of telling apart an incoming message from the daemon from 
a message coming from somewhere else.

Each message has a sender field. I just need to know what to expect in this 

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