[ANNOUNCE] D-Bus 1.4.0

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Fri Sep 10 00:15:58 PDT 2010

  Am 08.09.2010 11:59, schrieb Romain Pokrzywka:
> On Wednesday 08 September 2010 11:53:28 Lennart Poettering wrote:
>> On Wed, 08.09.10 10:14, Romain Pokrzywka (romain.pokrzywka at kdab.com) wrote:
>>>> Well, I am unable to test or fix cmake. In fact I don't event think it
>>>> is a particularly good idea to ship both build systems in the same
>>>> package, and I fear if you care about it you must make sure it works
>>>> correctly, since I cannot do that.
>>>> As mentioned I am planning to roll 1.4.1 relatively soon, so make sure
>>>> to get your fixes into the git tree soon.
>>>> Lennart
>>> Well there are no fixes to commit, as it works just fine. We're using
>>> the cmake build system on a daily basis for KDE and other projects
>>> both on windows and linux, it _is_ stable so please stop excluding it
>>> from packages.
>>> If you have to exclude one build system then drop the autotools one :P
>>> (that's the least portable one anyway)
>> Well, I am not going to discuss cmake vs. automake here. Suffice to say
>> there are some folks who aren't as big fans of cmake as you are. (And I
>> happen to be one of them, but that's mostly irrelevant here.)
>> I built the tarball with automake, and I believe most people who hack on
>> D-Bus exclusively use automake. I have not actively excluded anything
>> from the tarball, I simply typed "make dist". If the resulting tarball
>> does not include you cmake files, then prepare a patch that makes sure
>> automake includes it. The patch probably is very simple, i.e. just adds
>> the cmake files to EXTRA_DIST. However, this patch must come from you,
>> as I cannot test this and you want this to work.
>> Lennart
> Ah, you meant a patch for including the cmake subdir in the dist target, makes sense indeed, sorry about the confusion.
> Ok we'll get that in soonish.
fixed in git master.


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