Java DBus Question

Arigead captain.deadly at
Tue Sep 14 02:00:47 PDT 2010

Matthew Johnson wrote:
> On Tue Sep 14 09:30, Arigead wrote:
>> Hello list,
>>     I'm not an expert in The Java and interfacing some DBus stuff to
>> Java code is a bit all over the place. Java don't support multiple
>> returns and things. My present problem is that I've got a DBus signal
>> which passes an array. The output from dbus-monitor is:
>>    array [
>>       dict entry(
>>          string "type"
>>          variant             string "bookmark"
>>       )
> That looks like a dictionary string => variant to me. You want
> Map<String,Variant> (Variant is defined in the dbus bindings)
> Matt

Thanks for that Matt, and the prompt response. I've been trying a
variant but not in that way. I'll give that a try. Thanks again.

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