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Wed Sep 15 21:23:15 PDT 2010

Just spotted this interesting post about putting d-bus in the kernel [ ]

Fascinating work.

September 15, 2010
D-Bus in the kernel, faster!
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In the last few weeks, I worked on having D-Bus directly in the Linux
kernel to improve its performances. I based my work on what Ian Molton
did. For now it’s just a prototype, but some benchmarks I did show a
good performance improvement.


The first benchmark is dbus-ping-pong. It is a simple tool to call a
D-Bus method and wait for the reply 10000 times. I tried it both on a
KVM/i386 virtual machine and on a N900/arm.

    * KVM/i386, without kdbus: 3.887s
    * KVM/i386, with kdbus: 2.085s (x1.8)
    * N900/arm, without kdbus: 28.00s
    * N900/arm, with kdbus: 9.23s (x3)

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