Off-topic: D-Bus in the kernel

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at
Tue Sep 21 10:00:30 PDT 2010


On Friday 17 September 2010, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Sexta-feira 17 Setembro 2010, às 17:38:19, Stef Bon escreveu:
> > Well maybe fascinating, and possibly technical a challenge and possible,
> > but the question is about do we want a inter proces communication suite
> > to be in the kernel??
> > 
> > In my opinion this should not go into the kernel. This is not the task
> > of the kernel.
> I quite disagree. I think that an IPC mechanism providing rendezvousing and
> routing of messages (many-to-many) is quite welcome and should be provided
> by the kernel.

Yes and no. I would agree that POSIX lacks a proper mechanism for multicasting 
message (it seems using IP multicast on loopback is the only way). That's one 
thing where DBus signals are really useful. Service 'name resolutoin' is also 
nice to have.

But when it comes to request/response messages, it would be far more efficient 
to establish a direct connection between the client and the server. This would 
not only move most traffic out of the way of the DBus bus daemon, thus 
increasing perfomance. It would also solve the head-of-line blocking problem 
that is inherent to multiplexing multiple flows of informations over a single 
stream (Unix socket).

But it's too late now.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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