errors compiling dbus-1.2.24 on minix3

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Mon Sep 27 11:36:04 PDT 2010

Em Segunda-feira 27 Setembro 2010, às 17:30:17, Lencsés Lóránt escreveu:
> @Thiago: Thanks again! I got your point now -what you really mean by
> 'broken'. Minix3 does not support shared libraries currently and
> neither does its gcc port. So I fiddled a bit with the configure script to
> get rid of passing -fPIC to the compiler and now I get after issuing
> gmake: ...dbus-sysdeps-pthread.c: In function
> '_dbus_pthread_condvar_wait_timeout':dbus-sysdeps-pthread.c:262:
> error: storage size of 'end_time' isn't knowngmake[3]: ***
> [dbus-sysdeps-pthread.lo] Error 1... I didn't really want to dig in
> the C code itself. Can you think of any remedy to this? Regards,r0ller

Please get a decent mail program. I'm not going to reply anymore to garbled 
messages like the above. I'm talking about the text part of your email, 
completely ignoring the HTML part.

The cleaned-up error was:
dbus-sysdeps-pthread.c:262: error: storage size of "end_time" isn't known

  struct timespec end_time;

Which indicates that "timespec" was only forward-declared. It should come from 
time.h, but that file only includes sys/time.h. Can you add #include <time.h> 
to the top of the file and check if this works?

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