DBusConnection* from a QDbusConnection

maxprofitisback maxprofitisback at gmail.com
Thu Sep 30 00:34:40 PDT 2010

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> On Wednesday 29. September 2010 15.59.49 maxprofitisback wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is it possible to get a DBusConnection from a QDbusConnection?
> No.

In case of a Qt application which has a pool of
QDbusConnection::sessionBus() connections for communicating with
external components and has to use too an existing "client API" written
with DBus-GLib bindings for communicating with other components.
This "client API" use a separate sessionBus from the pool of connection
of the Qt application.
How can I avoid DBus threading issues between the pool of connection and
  the DBus-Glib client API ?
I was thinking of reusing somehow a sessionBus created from the pool of
connections within the DBus-Glib client API ...


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