Announce: D_Bus/Ada, talk with your desktop in Ada

Reto Buerki reet at
Mon Dec 5 07:26:17 PST 2011


I'm proud to announce the first release of D_Bus/Ada.

The D_Bus/Ada library provides an Ada binding to D-Bus. D_Bus/Ada
supports all but two basic D-Bus types (file descriptor and signature
types are not yet implemented) and all container types.

The current release focuses on the client side of the D-Bus API but it
is also possible to provide D-Bus services written in Ada using the
service object interface of D_Bus/Ada.

For further information visit the D_Bus/Ada project page at [1].

Would it be possible to add D_Bus/Ada to the list of D-Bus bindings at [2]?


Kind regards,
- reto

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