method execution on d-feet

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Thu Dec 15 19:30:35 PST 2011

Dear colleagues,


I am trying to execute methods using d-feet.

I succeeded to execute methods with some parameters. I could send String and Uint32 parameters.

However I could not find any way to execute methods with an “Object Path” parameter.


In the following parameter example on d-feet, I should send the second thing as an object path, not a string.

{'peer_object': '/fi/w1/wpa_supplicant1/Interfaces/0/Peers/020000000100'}


Please let me know how to use “Object Path” parameter in d-feet.


Thanks in advance


Minhong Yun


Software Research Laboratory, ETRI

Tel: +82-42-860-6394 / Fax: +82-42-860-6671

Minhong Yun


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