Python dbus port for python3.x

Barry Warsaw barry at
Mon Dec 19 08:07:06 PST 2011

On Dec 08, 2011, at 08:06 AM, Barry Warsaw wrote:

>On Dec 01, 2011, at 02:54 PM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
>>On Dec 01, 2011, at 02:05 PM, Gaurav Sood wrote:
>>>Has python dbus has been ported to python 3.x. If not are there any plans
>>>to do it in near future.
>>Yes, I'm working on one.

One last follow up for the year.  I now have a github repo with a `python3`
branch.  It passes all the tests.  This should also have more bite-sized
commits that can be reviewed and accepted individually.  I'll be building a
new PPA from this branch for Ubuntu users.

>[1] I still have NFC about the problem in bug 43303, so I've disabled those
>tests for now in my patch. :(

Since these work fine on Debian Wheezy, the github branch above has these
tests enabled.  I learned a bit more about these failures by turning
DBUS_VERBOSE on, and through inspection of the code found an obvious bug in
dbus on Ubuntu 11.10.  This is fixed in 12.04 but doesn't seem to make these
odd failures go away on Ubuntu.  I'll probably just punt on this bug for now,
but if anybody has the inclination to look into it, I'd be happy to work with

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