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Hi there,

as some of you may be aware I wrote a D-Bus language binding for ooRexx ( this
past summer. At this year's International Rexx Symposium I presented this work at the beginning of

In order for Rexx coders to become acquainted with D-Bus and the binding I wrote an article about
the D-Bus concepts and the ooRexx language binding, which went with my presentation and now has
become stable, i.e. this article won't change.

As the first part of the article introduces the interested reader to the D-Bus concepts it may help
interested/potential D-Bus programmers (using any programming language) to get acquainted with them.
The idea here is, the easier the D-Bus concepts get communicated, the easier they can get
understood, the more likely it becomes that D-Bus gets excercised by "regular" (i.e. "non-system")

The article can be found at <> or also at the (temporary)
beta-site of the language binding at <>.

If you agree, I would suggest to make that introductionary article available via the D-Bus homepage
(<>), section "Articles from around the web, including
some tutorials".



P.S.: The ooRexx language bindings for D-Bus are still in beta, awaiting the conclusion of a
student's assignment, which also includes systematic (further) testing of the language binding.

P.P.S.: One thing that may be interesting to programmers using other programming languages with
D-Bus is a little utility coming with the ooRexx bindings that creates HTML-rendered documentations
of available D-Bus services and their interfaces. Under
<> you will find three example renderings,
(service org.freedesktop.Notifications under Ubuntu), session_._2011-08-29T23_15_55-230888.html
(all published session services from Ubuntu), and system_._2011-08-29T23_19_15-115012.html
(all published system services from Ubuntu; user needs to get rights to interact with these
services, before becoming able to interact with them).

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