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Alexandru Tataru alexandruflavian at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 05:18:52 PST 2011


  I want to catch a dbus message when the system is about to shutdown. I
assume that dbus is sending a message when it is about to close. Can you
please tell me what that signal is?
  In order to listen for dbus I use a system dbus connection.

QDBusConnection::systemBus().connect("", "", "org.freedesktop.DBus", "SYSTEM
                   server, SLOT(info()));

  The code I use is this one. I program in C++/Qt. I listem for
org.freedesktop.DBus service and I want my object(server) to call a method
(info) when the system shutdown or dbus shutdown signal occurs. Please help.
This code is working because I could emit signals created by my test
application application and the server responded to them but I do not know
what the system/dbus shutdown signal/message is.

Thank you!
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