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Brian Cameron brian.cameron at oracle.com
Tue Jan 25 06:40:38 PST 2011


On 01/25/11 07:53 AM, Pavel Strashkin wrote:
> Looks good, but there is no any word about Solaris. Why? There is a
> lot (or few) of issues under Solaris, some of them already have the
> patches, but nobody want to check it. I would like to improve DBus for
> Solaris platforms, but i don't how. What i must to do? Especially when
> all patches and discussions go in silence.

If there are Solaris specific issues to discuss, you could probably also
get help at the OpenSolaris desktop-discuss mailing list.  The people
who work on D-Bus at Oracle are on this list.


One reason that Solaris D-Bus activity has simmered down recently is
that Solaris has frozen on 1.2.26, which seems to work well with GNOME
2.30.   I continue to build new versions of D-Bus on Solaris as they
are released and work to get compilation fixes upstream, but there has
not been much D-Bus runtime testing on Solaris with the newer D-Bus.

It might be possible to update Solaris to the newer D-Bus.  However, it
isn't clear if trying to use a newer version of D-Bus makes sense with
an older version of GNOME like GNOME 2.30.  Does it add value or is
D-Bus 1.4/1.6, like many modules, focused more on newer desktop needs,
like GNOME 3.x, GNOME & KDE a11y integration, etc.?

At some point, the work to support GNOME 2.30 will calm down and there
will then likely be more of a focus to work more closely with upstream.
Something similar happened when Sun released Solaris 10.  It took a
while after the release before development on head picked up again.
I anticipate the delay will be shorter this time, simply because the
Oracle team is now more experienced working with upstream.


> 2011/1/25 Simon McVittie<simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk>:
>> On Wed, 15 Dec 2010 at 13:34:58 +0000, Will Thompson wrote:
>>> Looking at the changes on master since 1.4.0, we have a bunch of
>>> miscellaneous fixes by Christian, some autolaunch-related changes
>>> and miscellaneous bugfixes for Windows, and launchd integration and
>>> miscellaneous fixes for OS X. Plus a bunch of additions and cleanup
>>> to the documentation and its build system. So far I think this is
>>> all kosher for a 1.4.1 release.
>> Will released that. It should apparently have been called 1.4.2 because in
>> D-Bus-land, the micro version also has odd/even semantics, but never mind.
>> Other things currently on my radar for 1.4.x:
>> * regression test/leak fixes (#33126, #33277)
>> The master branch still looks good for 1.4.x to me. After the next release,
>> I'd like to branch dbus-1.4 so we can merge the following to master:
>> * Will's arg0namespace match rule stuff (#24317)
>> * my mainloop refactoring (#33336, #33342)
>> * Doxygen improvements (#13495)
>> * library cross-linking reduction (#27287)
>> * dbus-1-uninstalled.pc (#32827)
>> and when they're ready:
>> * mainloop fixes enabled by my refactoring (#23194)
>> * epoll support on Linux
>> * Christian's maybe type (#27857)?
>> * GetConnectionMatchRules (#24307) and other debugging support?
>> Regards,
>>     S
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