Are there public APIs available to check/validate ...

rony rony at
Wed Jul 13 12:49:35 PDT 2011

Are there any public APIs avaiable for checking bus names, interface
names, object paths and members?

Found e.g. _dbus_check_is_valid_bus_name(),
_dbus_check_is_valid_interface() etc. in dbus-message.c, but it seems
that these functions are not meant for public use.

So are there official equivalents, like dbus_signature_validate() for
bus names, interface names, object paths and members (and possibly
whether a string is regarded to be correct UTF-8 encoded)? This way it
would be possible to check the correctness of the arguments myself and
raise meaningful error messages for  the users of the language binding,
plus it would allow to create functions that enable the programmers to
test, if these DBUS names are valid using the official DBUS checks?


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