Qt- object path problem

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Thu Jul 14 12:08:55 PDT 2011

On Thursday, 14 de July de 2011 16:56:47 sangram.kumar.yerra at accenture.com 
>   But during pairing , when even a call is made by bluez to my interface i.e
> RequestPinCode ..it says " Unable to find method RequestPinCode on path
> /AgentPath in interface org.bluez.Agent "
>    There is another method called Release in the same interface  and this is
> successfully getting called  by bluez..So the interface and object path
> registered is correct..
>    To test whether the interface and path is all correct , I tried calling
> that method method manually using d-feet and also using dbus-send command
> ..and I was able to successfully call ..but when bluez makes this call ..it
> fails .. Is there any specific way , or specific thing to be done to
> receive an object path..
>  I implemented the above using Glib bindings , and I am able to get the
> request pin code method call..but Not in QT....Can anyone throw any light

Try running your application with QDBUS_DEBUG=1 and compare the message 
received when it's sent by bluez and when you make the raw call using dbus-

Otherwise, I need a testcase.

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