Request for hints/pointers explaining the necessary support for dbus' UNIX_FD datatype ?

rony rony at
Wed Jul 20 07:35:32 PDT 2011

Maybe an embarassing question, but one that also shows that my Linux
knowledge is not really the best (an understatement!), but may be needed
to be addressed in any case:

    what are UNIX_FDs used for and how is one supposed to use them in
    dbus ?

How important is it to support them? Is it already o.k. to be able to
accept and send arguments of type UNIX_FD (which I have implemented in
the ooRexx binding) or is there something else that must be supported in
addition? (Are there any working dbus examples somewhere using UNIX_FDs,
such that one can learn from them how to use these datatypes?)

I noticed that UNIX_FD values seem to be set by dbus which makes sure
that they get a unique counter value. However I have not found usages of
it so far, but noticed in another mailing on this list (dated July 15th,
2011, subject: "dbus-java for Bluethooth HDP"), that the Java
implementation does not support them at this time and that caused a
problem with a dbus service, "bluez".

Any hint/answer highly appreciated!

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