dbus and click-to-dial

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Sun Jul 24 01:06:47 PDT 2011


I'm just wondering if anyone can share any comments on the suitability
of dbus for click-to-dial and other computer-telephony-integration
(CTI), and whether such work is already under way?

A few years ago, I wrote a click-to-dial app on top of the reSIProcate
stack (see slide 16 for a diagram):



A few people have suggested that dbus would be the ideal way to
integrate click-to-dial into the UNIX desktop, and it was even mentioned
in my slides, but never implemented.

There are also other solutions out there, some with desktop integration,
e.g. this is Asterisk-specific:


and others that are based on URL-rewriting on the server side (so they
only serve one specific web app and not the whole desktop, e.g. for OGo):


and there appears to be some confusion in some discussion forums caused
by this company using the name `Gnome' for a service that has no
integration with Gnome at all:


If anyone can comment on how the ideal desktop integration would work,
and whether dbus is the right way to go, it would be really useful for
deciding how the click-to-dial code could/should be extended.



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