ruby-dbus 0.7.0 works with 1.9.2 again

Martin Vidner mvidner at
Tue Jul 26 06:37:55 PDT 2011


thanks to people who reported bugs and contributed patches.

 * Added ASystemBus and ASessionBus, non-singletons useful in tests
   and threads.

Bug fixes:
 * Fixed handling of multibyte strings (Issue#8, by Takayuki YAMAGUCHI).
 * Allow reopening of a dbus_interface declaration (Issue#9, by T. YAMAGUCHI).
 * Fixed ruby-1.9.2 compatibility again (Issue#12).
 * Fixed authentication on BSD (Issue#11, by Jonathan Walker)
 * Fixed exiting a nested event loop for synchronous calls
   (reported by Timo Warns).
 * Fixed introspection calls leaking reply handlers.
 * "rake test" now works, doing what was called "rake env:test"

The bug references and download links are clickable at
Martin Vidner, YaST developer

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