Getting message's signature etc. (Re: Making an asynchronous method call and proxying the result as a signal

rony rony at
Sat Jul 30 02:26:17 PDT 2011

Hi Pontus,

just referring to your last question hence changing the title.

On 30.07.2011 10:35, Pontus Carlsson wrote:
> Basically I need to implement a way to make asynchronous calls into a
> Lua library.
> The library itself for the time being is now only capable of connect
> to signals and adding matched signal interception.
> Because of Lua's bulky and unsafe threads implementation it seems as
> the most reliable approach is to proxy the method_return into the Lua
> librarys internally registered bus name.
> So, my question is simple as stated in the title, and how exactly does
> one make an asynchronous method call using the C API?
> I'm also wondering if and how it's possible to retrieve a method
> declaration, i.e. the parameter list etc?
For the signature you could use
"str=dbus_message_get_signature(dbusMsg)", which you would then need for
unmarshalling the arguments, which might be quite complex, depending on
the signature. Cf. <> and
then  the link to the "low-level API" documentation at



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