Announcing dbus 1.4.10

Simon Mcvittie simon.mcvittie at
Wed Jun 1 08:59:29 PDT 2011

A new stable release of dbus is now available.

D-Bus 1.4.10 (2011-06-01)

The "Ape Ale" release.

Notes for distributors:

  This version of D-Bus no longer uses -fPIE by default. Distributions wishing
  to harden the dbus-daemon and dbus-launch-helper can re-enable this if their
  toolchain supports it reliably, via something like:

    ./configure CFLAGS=-fPIE LDFLAGS="-pie -Wl,-z,relro"

  or by using distribution-specific wrappers such as Debian's hardening-wrapper.


  • Don't force -fPIE: distributions and libtool know better than we do whether
    it's desirable (fd.o #16621, fd.o #27215; Simon McVittie)
  • Allow --disable-gc-sections, in case your toolchain offers the
    -ffunction-sections, -fdata-sections and -Wl,--gc-sections options
    but they're broken, as seen on Solaris (fd.o #33466, Simon McVittie)
  • Install dbus-daemon and dbus-daemon-launch-helper in a more normal way
    (fd.o #14512; Simon McVittie, loosely based on a patch from Luca Barbato)
  • Ensure that maintainers upload documentation with the right permissions
    (fd.o #36130, Simon McVittie)
  • Log system-bus activation information to syslog (fd.o #35705,
    Colin Walters)
  • Log messages dropped due to quotas to syslog (fd.o #35358,
    Simon McVittie)
  • Make the nonce-tcp transport work on Unix (fd.o #34569, Simon McVittie)
  • On Unix, if /var/lib/dbus/machine-id cannot be read, try /etc/machine-id
    (fd.o #35228, Lennart Poettering)
  • In the regression tests, don't report fds as "leaked" if they were open
    on startup (fd.o #35173, Simon McVittie)
  • Make dbus-monitor bail out if asked to monitor more than one bus,
    rather than silently using the last one (fd.o #26548, Will Thompson)
  • Clarify documentation (fd.o #35182, Simon McVittie)
  • Clean up minor dead code and some incorrect error handling
    (fd.o #33128, fd.o #29881; Simon McVittie)
  • Check that compiler options are supported before using them (fd.o #19681,
    Simon McVittie)
  • Windows:
    • Remove obsolete workaround for winioctl.h (fd.o #35083, Ralf Habacker)

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