[RFC] Fixing the machine id

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Fri Mar 4 17:45:39 PST 2011

Hi Lennart,

> With this in place there's very little left which stops us from spawning
> D-Bus already during early boot: the system bus activation needs to be
> moved to /usr. Or alternatively we just give up officialyl on seperate
> /usr, in which case we don't need to. I'd be very much in favour of
> that, but you know the politics. The bigger problem is of course the
> system bus socket, which is in /var/run/dbus/. But we probably could
> move that to an abstract socket or one in /dev/.dbus, relatively
> easily.

using the abstract socket is bad for security since you have no
permission checks anymore. And essentially anybody could start owning
that socket. You do not really want that.

Also the system socket address is pretty much hardcoded. At least when I
looked through that a few weeks ago. And then changing the address
becomes quickly big trouble. Only advantage with systemd would be that
you can easily set an environment variable for every process. So it
might work out for you. In general it is a big mess.



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